Bisexual or lesbian — please make up the mind

Bisexual or lesbian — please make up the mind

(The Frisky) — one of many times that are first proceeded a romantic date with a lady, she asked me personally, «will you be bi or gay?»

Lesbian woman would like to really set some women directly.

«Well, i am nevertheless figuring that away,» we shared with her.

Her reaction had been: «we knew you had been too good to be true.»

When I fell all although I was unsure about how to define my sexuality, I was definitely into girls, more so than I’m into guys over myself in an effort to explain to her that. I’m maybe not and also have never ever been bi-curious, bi for attention or bi only once guys are around.

Since that time, i have identified that i am entirely into girls. Thus I guess I becamen’t too good to be real, huh?

But, alas, in components of the gay community, being bi or being a lesbian who may have connected with dudes in past times is similar to having horns or an incurable illness.

This is simply not the situation for several girls we have actually dated, however some lesbians do not want up to now those who have been near a penis. Ever. Girls who possess been homosexual and nothing else make it like a badge of honor. And, honestly, i am jealous of those. If only it absolutely was that facile it out for me to figure. Nonetheless it was not. The Frisky: small things dudes accomplish that make us swoon

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