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Those wanting to uninstall apps only are presented with an easy to use interface. There is no batch uninstall nor a simple delete option next to entries.

There’s plenty of 5-star uninstallers available, and every computer should have one. HiBit Uninstaller is every bit as good, if not better, than the competition.

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Once it finds out the left associated files, folders and registries, it will display on the top of the program list to remind you to clean in time. Plus, it can remind you of available updates for all software to make sure your programs are safe from attackers who are searching for weaknesses to attack your PC. Revo Uninstaller comes with the free trial, which lacks some of the high-end features of the pro version. Though it can delete some registry errors that usually come with deleting programs, it doesn’t remove all of them.

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However, there are many more options than a batch uninstall option allows. You can right-click on any program listed and choose from uninstalling, force removal, delete entries, open registry key or installation folder, program website, or find on Google. Once you’ve clicked on any entry, the name of the app, version, publisher, install date, registry entry, and the website is shown in the lower window. A list of how much space is used for all apps is also shown here.

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You can use MyUninstaller to delete an entry from the installed programs list, uninstall a program completely and even export the list to a text file or HTML document. The main feature of BCUninstaller is its ability to fully or nearly fully automate the process of uninstalling multiple applications. Once you have signed up an account, you can now open the dashboard where you can see a list of all the programs installed on your computer. At the bottom, you will see the total number of applications installed in your system. If you have some software you want to remove completely from your PC, you probably need to make sure everything is gone. These tools will thoroughly scan your system and remove every last trace of unwanted software. IObit Uninstaller 10 not only uninstalls programs, but also cleans up the leftovers.

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Upgrading doesn’t add any speed to this download, which is something it’s sorely missing. It makes you wait until one program is finished to start uninstalling another. It’s even more annoying since you have to go through each individual program’s built-in uninstall process, too. Choosing programs to uninstall is easy and fast, though, thanks to the program’s icon-oriented menu. You can choose from options that include a light uninstall or a deep cleaning that rips all traces of the program off of your hard drive.

There’s no nag, ads, upgrades to pro and the additional tools are needed by most at some point. We’re removing at least three apps from our computer and replacing them with HiBit Uninstaller. With the included tools, HiBit Uninstaller can replace ten apps in one 2MB download. For our review, we used the portable edition, which popped up quickly.