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The first consisted of the rain and thunder forecast for Bournemouth by the BBC weather app on the Saturday spring bank holiday. The second came when the first failed to materialise and a tourism manager in the town complained that visitors who stayed away could have come after all and enjoyed sunshine and blue skies. It’s a good thing wintertime conditions keep you indoors then, huh? Aside from the fact that you’re likely spending cold days cooped up inside, Glatter tells Elite Daily that pollen counts are pretty low this time of year, leading to «potentially improved breathing.» Still, there are health benefits to spending time in the cold weather on occasion. So even though you might not want to hang outside 24/7 come wintertime, here are a few reasons why getting a little bit of that brisk, fresh air can be good for your health.

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  • Weather models use mathematical equations to analyze and predict atmospheric processes and changes.
  • The least muggy day of the year is December 27, when muggy conditions are essentially unheard of.
  • For example, it is not uncommon to see a run of two or three hot and sunny days during summer, followed by several days of lower temperatures and rain.
  • After strolling for about one and half hour, I decided to take a rest.

Dew point will be around 32F with an average humidity of 67%. Dew point will be around 32F with an average humidity of 63%. The Weather Company’s primary journalistic mission is to report on breaking weather news, the environment and the importance of science to our lives. This story does not necessarily represent the position of our parent company, IBM. This is particularly hazardous when road temperatures are below freezing, allowing a thin film of slush or ice to form on untreated roads. Wind-driven snow can reduce visibility, particularly in rural areas and open country, leaving you disoriented, even if you’re only a few miles from home.

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Current climate change science is an assault on the scientific method. I hope I’m wrong about this someday…but I’m pretty certain someday won’t be any day soon. Well, we live in a world where the MSM can get so much wrong, be infested with so many experts who can, like economists, correctly predict 11 of the last 3 recessions, and still people will spoon up the soma. You don’t have to understand zilch about climate science to wonder how papers like this get published in supposed science journals. 16 authors makes it a committee, approved in a little over a month, so urgent, I suppose.

NEXRAD , a system of Doppler radars deployed to improve the detection and warning time of severe local storms, replaced the WSR-57 and WSR-74 systems between 1988 and 1997. Bob Glahn has written a comprehensive history of the first hundred years of the National Weather Service. Within the United States, Air Force Weather provides weather forecasting for the Air Force and the Army. All four military branches take their initial enlisted meteorology technical training at Keesler Air Force Base. Military and civilian forecasters actively cooperate in analyzing, creating and critiquing weather forecast products.

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A related misconception is that humans cannot fix climate change. But if we know that the climate becomes warmer due to the addition of greenhouse gases, then we also know that adding less of them will reduce this effect. These ideas are further discussed in Humans can take action, the guiding principle of climate literacy. A key difference between past climate changes and today’s climate change is the rate of change. Today’s warming is much more rapid that past shifts in climate. A helpful starting point is to establish the difference between weather and climate.