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After you set the permissions, you’ll be able to edit the key freely in the future. Click the Manage known network link under your existing connection. Here’s how to set up a Metered Connection in Windows 10. The .reg files below will modify the DWORD value in the registry key below. Change the owner of the DefaultMediaCost registry key in the left pane back to the default NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller. Set permissions of the DefaultMediaCost registry key in the left pane to "Allow" the Administrators group "Full control".

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Use the Windows key + R to open the Run command, type regedit, and click OK to open the Windows registry. On the Ethernet value’s properties window, change the number in the “Value data” box from 1 to 2 and then click OK. Once you’ve set those permissions on the DefaultMediaCost key, you’re going to edit one of the values inside it. Click the DefaultMediaCost key to select it and then in the right pane, double-click the Ethernet value to edit it.

Windows 10 doesn’t give the option to the user to disable the automatic update. The option described in the article is available in build and above. Many programs are becoming metered-aware and will stop using the internet. FYI, Here is how I’ve changed the ownership of reg keys in the past. I found it amazingly complicated to change the owner of a Registry key with PowerShell. If you know a simpler way, please post a comment below.

Before you go any further with the edit, you’re going to have to take an additional step. The DefaultMediaCost key you just navigated to is protected, meaning that you don’t by default have the permissions necessary to edit it. You’re going to have to take ownership of and set some permissions on the key before you can edit it for the first time.

Double-click the Ethernet key and set its value to 2. Now, double-click the Ethernet registry entry and change it’s value to 2. For DefaultMediaCost, you will see multiple registry entries. You need to change the value of Ethernet to 2 from 1 (means non-metered).

  • Later you’ll then download dll files from Gabest receive another confirmation prompt to create your account.
  • Here are the steps to fix a corrupt user profile via the Registry Editor.
  • If you can boot into Windows 10, you can repair the user profile with Windows Registry.

It’ll show an error if you don’t have the permission to edit the value. For the machines which haven’t been on Microsoft’s radar while it’s pushing the Creators Update, a longer method exists. Please note that it involves tweaking Windows Registry, so be extra careful while changing the entries. Also, it would be quite tedious if you want to switch from metered to non-metered and vice-versa on a regular basis.

While the DefaultMediaCost key is selected in the left pane, double-click Ethernet value in the right pane, and change its value from 1 to 2. By default, the DefaultMediaCost key is protected and you don’t have the permissions necessary to edit it. Right-click the DefaultMediaCost key and select Permissions, follow this article to take ownership of that registry key. By following this procedure, you will be able to set a Windows 10 Ethernet connection as Metered. To set a Windows 10 Ethernet connection as Metered, follow this procedure step by step.

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